Lexy Hell was born at the 11/15/1986 in Southern Styria, Austria.
In her young age she discovered her passion for art and unusual things. At 16 she began an apprenticeship as a retail clerk, where she started to earn her own money. That was the beginning of living in a new, colorful life and every month there was now at least one visit at the tattoo artist of her choice .
In the age of 19, she visited for the first time a tattoo convention. It didnīt take long to catch the attention of some photographers and suddenly she had her first shooting. 2 months later Lexy smiled from her first magazine cover. From then on, more and more people where aware of Lexy and modeling became more and more part of her live. That shy girl became in front of the camera a confident woman!
In April 2008, she took the designation to move to Berlin. It wasnīt easy for her, but she landed one job after a other. She became pretty fast a Model with heart and soul! Although Lexy often had to struggle with prejudice, but her success is her right and her naturalness and professionalism has already convinced many of the skeptics.
In this short time Lexy can look back proudly on a lot of great jobs. And with the fashion show by Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris on 10/01/2011 one of her biggest dreams became true. And this was just the beginning …
© by Lexy Hell
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